Marriage Counseling - Couples Counseling

Does this sound like your relationship situation?

  • Do you feel like you and your partner get along nicely, but need some help in forging a deeper, more satisfying relationship?
  • Do you feel stuck in your relationship, or does it seem to have lost some of the spark that once defined it?
  • Does it appear that you do not talk as much as you used to, or are not talking at all?
  • Does it seem that often when you try to talk with your partner, talks turn into arguments, or that all you do is argue?
  • Has there been infidelity or loss of trust?
  • Do you feel like you and your partner seem to be on the edge of losing each other to separation or divorce, are you currently separated, or has one of you filed for divorce?
  • Are there children to consider?

If things are serious, do you want to give one last try to save the relationship?

Over the past several years marriage counseling and couples counseling has become a passion of mine. I've been helping children and families throughout my career, so it is natural that I now also serve couples. Whether you want to see your relationship grow and thrive, or are in a major relationship crisis, I can help. Even if your partner is not willing to come to counseling at this time, you coming by yourself can improve the situation. One person doing things differently can create a different outcome.

My techniques are useful in helping couples learn how to increase their awareness, improve communication, increase feelings of intimacy and avoid patterns which result in conflict. I do this through a mix of practical guidance, thoughtful exploration, problem-solving and education.

Using these proven techniques, I have seen couples become more harmonious and even move back together if they were living separately. Couples learn how to listen better, manage conflict, and show each other they care for one another.

Please note that I see straight, gay and couples of alternative lifestyles.